Pronounced Shaw-nuh Shoe-heart, I am a DC born-and-raised family portrait and wedding photographer. I am based in Loudoun County, and serve clients all over Virginia, Maryland and DC.

I am a wife to my college best friend and mama to three high-energy baby boys that are the best of friends. I try my best to live a life inspired by the natural world around me. I specialize in capturing growing families, from marriage to motherhood,
and every stage in between. I do my best work in familiar outdoor spaces surrounded by ever-changing seasonal light.

I am an artist, hiker, east-coaster, extroverted introvert.
Home to me is the smell of coffee and a jar of fresh-cut flowers on the counter.
My greatest passions center around photography, small farms and authentic human connection…likely rooted in my photo journalism degree and a decade of working with local flower farms. I have proudly spent the last eight years merging these passions together into a business that represents who I am and all the things that I love.

I have a unique shooting style.
I move around a lot.
My photography is bright, bold, earthy and emotive.

I like my lights light and my darks dark, which creates a beautiful contrast and creamy tones to my images.

In the moment I will be laid back laughing with your kids, catching up with mom and making funny faces with dad. I will lay down in the dirt to get the perfect shot, and ask all about your love story. People have described me as genuine, warm, empathetic and spontaneous. It’s my hope that the images you receive capture these qualities as well.

Many of the families I shoot with come back time and time again. We grow together. Out of all the things that my business represents to me, this is what I'm most proud of - my photo families who have turned into dear friends.

If you think we’d make a good fit, I'd love to hear from you.
Let's get to know one another and plan your perfect session!

Hi, I'm Seana!

Meet Seana!




Mother, hiker, photographer. Always searching for light, a good trail and a next-level cappuccino!

Hubby, realist. Thinks in spreadsheets. My forever
partner + adventure buddy.

Our smallest guy! The sweetest thing. Constantly gives shy smiles and is still learning how to laugh.

meet my family!


Our biggest boy. Currently loves Disney figurines, pink socks and banana pancakes.


We call him our thrill-seeker. Loves being loud, moving and REALLY feeling his feelings.

favorite things

A Few Of My

Canon 5D Mark IIIs

Messy Buns

Flower Bouquets

Baby Feet

Lavender Farms

Hiking Trails

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End of June

*Winter + spring sessions
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